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Vatech is a global X-ray imaging company.

We have grown steadily based on our unrivaled technology and global network.

Sales Proportion by country and
continent overseas corporations and agencies

(Based on 2022 Business Report)


  • No. 1 market share for Dental X-ray in Korea
  • No. 1 in sales of 3D Dental Diagnostic Equipment worldwide
  • No. 1 market share for Intra Oral Sensor worldwide
  • No. 1 market share 3D X-ray in the US
  • No. 1 market share for Dental X-ray Diagnostic Software worldwide
  • No. 1 market share for Dental X-ray in Southeast Asia
  • No. 1 market share for 2D X-ray in China

Corporate and Agency Status


Overseas Corporations


Overseas offices


Overseas Agencies


We contribute to creating a better world
with new technologies and products.

We develop new technologies that
advance X-ray technology.


Vatech is a company with original technology for development, production, and manufacturing in the X-ray field.
We are developing the world's first technologies based on our rich R&D infrastructure.


R&D Personnel


R&D Investment

Rank 1

The number of patent
for Dental Imaging Equipment worldwide


2021 Industrial research awards
2021 Best Enterprise Research Institute
2018 enterprise with outstanding performance in Job Invention Compensation

Technological Competitiveness


Small CT development technology Low-dose X-ray imaging technology X-ray core component development technology

Detector Design and Production Technology

Core technology in Scintillator deposition and original technology for manufacturing TFT, CMOS detector

Medical Imaging Technology

High-resolution imaging process algorithm, dedicated SW technology for 2D, 3D diagnosis

Integrated Manufacturing Process

High-quality integrated manufacturing, optimized for precision medical devices

Professional R&D infrastructure

Vatech R&D Networks
Optic Solution


CAE Solution

Kyung-hee Univ

X-ray Physics

Yonsei Univ. (VYSION)

Applied Physics

UNC Chapel hill

Sensor Design
& Imaging

Yonsei Univ. (CARI)

X-ray Detector
& Robotics

Busan Univ. (CAMER)

Clinical Research

Our Innovative Footsteps

With an endless innovation of all our technologies including key components of X-ray, H/W and S/W,

We’ve always brought a new perspective into the market with our vision of dedicating to human race for a better life.





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