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Vatech announced Q3 Fiscal Results




Vatech, a global leader in the dental imaging market, announced its 2022 Q3 fiscal results on the 8th of November.


Revenue and operating profits increased by 19.1% YoY of 99.1 billion won and 9.7% YoY of 19.5 billion won respectively. Both revenue and operating profits reached their highest level of all Q3 periods. Net Profit increased by 23.8% YoY of 23.6 billion won. 


The sales distribution was even, with 23.7% in North America, 27.7% in Europe, 26.1% in Asia, and Latin America. Sales in the European market showed a significant increase of 33.1% YoY. 
Sales in the Middle East market rose by 81% YoY additionally. In Asia, sales growth in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia was highly remarkable compared to the same period last year.

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