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VATECH’s happy lunch time in new cafeteria




Summer wanes and fall is coming in Korea.

Around this time of a year, we need to look for our health.

Healthy person can be full of energy, and the energy helps people to focus on their happiness.



There are essential things in our life. One of the most important factor is food, it provides us energy.

So we started from offering delicious and healthy meals to Vatech family.




VATECH had finished remodeling work for our cafeteria.

For every meal, VATECH offers 2 courses, so VATECH people can choose a menu along their preferences.

Of course, every single meal is delicious and healthy!

Having a well-prepared lunch is one of the many happy and healthy changes happening in VATECH.




The new version of the cafeteria is big enough for all VATECH members.

It is refreshing and comfortable. Take a close look! There are many details to look for.

Let’s take a look at our tray with a small cute character.


df      f 


Can you see the small baggage he put behind?

It means “Forget your stressful business now, and enjoy your lunch.”

So, when you look at the character, hope you are smiling and happy.



VATECH always put people’s “Happiness” first.


VATECH is the company, where happy people try to change the world to be happier place.






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