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EzSensor Soft, featured in Polish Broadcast Media





Once again, VATECH Global has participated in the IDS (International Dental Show).




[Myoungjin Choi / Marketing Department, VATECH Global]


The trade and the users were extremely interested in innovative products and technologies.

"In this respect, staged every two years, IDS fits in perfectly with the innovation cycles of the industry regarding the development and further development of products, materials and services," emphasized Dr. Markus Heibach, Executive Director of VDDI e.V. (Verband der Deutschen Dental-Industrie e.V.) or the Association of German Dental Manufacturers.


"This applies for both breakthrough innovations and further developments of existing products, but also for development progress in smaller phases that are however significant in terms of quality."

IDS 2015 focused on the intelligent networking of components for computer-controlled dentistry.



As one of the innovative products featured in IDS, EzSensor Soft was displayed at the VATECH booth. (D090, F090)

Before IDS, VATECH has advertised the EzSensor Soft in magazines and on billboards (Outside hall 11).

Most visitors were highly interested in EzSensor Soft and mainly asked questions about it.


Interestingly enough, a polish broadcasting media related to the dental industry called Dentowizja took a video coverage of this new product.

Media crew from Dentowizja interviewed Ms. Choi of VATECH’s marketing department, wherein she explained about the key features of EzSensor Soft.

She said ; “It’s really comfortable and convenient to use.”


With its soft exterior, it can reduce pain in the patients and the staff will be able to accurately position the intraoral sensor on the region of interest for diagnostic imaging.

EzSensor Soft is different from a normal sensor. It has a soft edge sensor!

Its soft exterior and round-shaped edge will maximize pain relief on patients.

Compared to rigid intraoral sensor, the level of pain has been decreased by 40%.


And the other thing is that it doesn’t break easily.

Usually, when a staff accidentally drops or steps on a sensor, it will easily get broken or damaged.

EzSensor Soft is different from a normal sensor. It has a soft exterior!

It features an unbreakable material that can withstand external impact when the sensor gets dropped and thus reduce risk of damage.


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