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ADF exhibition 2014, successfully held in France





22,000 visitors attended the ADF Exhibition in Paris, France last 25-29 Nov. 2014.




Though this number represented a 30% reduction of attendees from the previous year, still ADF is the biggest exhibition in France.


ADF (Association Dentaire Francaise) or the French Dental Association was founded in 1968.

The ADF is a federation of 25 professional associations that cover the full range of dental profession.

It provides dentists with a wide range of services, including continuing professional education programmes, publications to keep abreast of new technologies and improve the work environment, product certification, and a bibliographic database. It also represents the French dental profession on an international level. Each year, the ADF organises an Annual Dental Meeting, which is a major event combining a five-day Conference and a four-day International Exhibition.

[Resource: ADF website]


At this exhibition, VATECH France showcased 5 products including the steady selling ‘i-Series’ and the new product.

Overall, the exhibition was calm and the main visitors had high intentions to purchase VATECH products.

The VATECH booth location was just next to the aisle of the congress room, therefore, it was very easily exposed to visitors.

Visitors complimented that the bar was the most attractive and comfortable part at the booth.

VATECH France specially showed personalized cover of product for orthodontists.

They also displayed CAD/CAM system.





Its varied membership and its scope of action in France and abroad enable the ADF not only to represent the profession but also to foster future-oriented thinking and to take a proactive stand on behalf of the entire dental profession, as shown by the major developments in this area over the past few years. The ADF was for example instrumental in organising a qualifying diploma for dental practice and setting up curricular reforms. It is also actively involved in the advancement of the profession through its dynamic contribution to the development of academic training and continuing professional education, the creation of assessment tools, and the implementation of common professional standards for dental practitioners.






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