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World prestigious ‘iF Design Award'' Pax-Primo Vatech Co., Ltd.


World prestigious ‘iF Design Award’ Pax-Primo Vatech Co., Ltd.


Pax-Primo design award last year in Korea and this year abroad has been recognized for its excellence in design. (Rho, Chang Jun Chairman of Vatech Co., Ltd)


Vatech Co., Ltd. Official said Jan 25, "a recent one of the World big 3 design awards Pax-Primo received ‘iF Award of the 2010 Product Design (Product Design Award)'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Design of the prestigious German merchants”


The offering of more than 3,500 products in 39 countries competing and submit a piece to an open exhibition and 778 product was honored with awards of which the selected Pax-Primo.


PaX-Primo’s operator can give stability to the patient during taking an x-ray position by facing the operator and patient. It can be captured sitting in a wheelchair and it has been attention to the product as a universal trend.


In addition, by significantly improving product structure, PaX-Primo reduce logistics costs and increases ease to installation of equipment, has been called simple, innovative, stylish in design, and visual assessment


In addition, to compete with global companies as an alternative for supremacy, begun to design management of the typical design products Vatech Pax-Primo

Last year, received the Knowledge Economy Minister award ''''Best Design (GD)'''' the ministry of Knowledge Economy


The iF design awards: one of the world big three design awards (Red dot’ German, IDEA (International Design Excellences Award, United States) introduced in the year 1953, the iF design awards have been a reiable indicator of outstanding quality in design.


Photo: Dental Panoramic x-ray system ‘Pax-Primo’

Pax-Primo design concepted for uptake of green and slim,

It’s also received many international design awards therefore, recognized technology and design power. 

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