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VATECH, Bound to be the World’s BEST in IDS 2009


VATECH, Bound to be the World’s BEST in IDS 2009

Draw attention through its advanced technologies and aggressive marketing
Vatech overwhelmed foreign companies with its size and new product demonstration

VATECH is bound to be the World’s best with its new products and the company’s new vision announced during IDS 2009 which was held in Cologne, Germany from 24th to 28th of March. There are 75 companies participating the exhibition held in Germany, and demonstrating the superiority of the Korean companies. Especially, VATECH had the biggest booth ever in the history of IDS, which completely overwhelmed its competitors with its advanced technologies and aggressive marketing.

Bound to be the World’s BEST in IDS 2009

During IDS 2009, VATECH attracted considerable attention from overseas buyers through its new products, advanced technologies, as well as aggressive marketing tactics. In this exhibition, new generation digital panorama, PaX-Primo received the most interest from the buyers. Excellent imaging technology based on the demands from the customers, and its compact design makes it attractive to the buyers. Separate booth only for PaX-Primo is sufficient to show the superiority and difference of the product

In addition, there were 1,750 companies introducing 1,100 new products and technologies during IDS 2009.
“We have about 90% market share in Dental CT industry in Korea”, said VATECH. “In order to improve and enhance the company''s brand image for the further expansion into overseas markets which is very essential and urgent for VATECH, we acquired the large-scale exhibition booth.

In fact, VATECH’s aggressive marketing was good enough to attract public gaze and competitors’, while its competitors reduced the budget for the exhibition due to the global economy recession.  Foreign buyers and visitors said that “Even though those Korean companies don’t have strong brand images, they are good enough to compete with the existing major players in the industry through R&D and aggressive marketing


Many new products such as ‘Pax-Primo’

Vatech proved that it has advanced technologies and superiority of the products during the exhibition.

Additionally, through the demonstration of its own 3D viewer program, Ez3D 2009, it showed the advanced technologies as a digital imaging company.

The CEO said, “The company’s reputation and history really matter in this industry, since dentists count on the reliability of a company, I believe that this IDS 2009 gave us the opportunity to get more confidence that we are able to compete with other major players in the industry.” Since Vatech developed the Korean first digital panorama in 2003, and world first Digital Panorama/ Cephalo/CT combined product, it has been leading the market. IDS 2009 give the company to evaluate the performance and achievements it made for last 5 years.

 The company introduced the new high-end product, PaX-Zenith3D, and new generation digital panorama, PaX-Primo. They received the most interest from the visitors, proving their quality through the on-the spot contracts.


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