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VATECH’s factory extension, “Aggressive management strategy” during the global recession



VATECH’s factory extension, “Aggressive management strategy” during the global recession

Dental digital imaging device manufacturer, Vatech (CEO: Rho Chang Jun) plans to complete the factory extension and the new factory will go into full operation in September.

Through the extension, the company doubles the size of its factory, and adds a new production line. 

The company forecasts that the production per month will be increased by 100%, because, first, the gross area of the factory(currently, 5895
) will be increased to 12,994, second, the innovative redesigned production line will be added, and last, short distance support and logistic system will be available.

Especially, with the Cell line which is introduced by Vatech for the first time in Korea, one or two workers can perform the all processes of manufacturing before the acquisition of X-ray image and in this way, the quality of products will be increased.    


Mr. Won, the Director of Administration says, “It is expected that the production rate will be improved by 250% under the full operation in a second half of the year.

He added the reason why the company invested on the extension. “It is good time to invest, since if the company take the leading position during a recession period, it becomes really hard for other company to take that position back in a booming period.

On 18th of September, there will be an opening ceremony. 


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