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The 1st issue of Vatech Times


On May 1, the first issue of The Vatech Times was published.




The Vatech Times is updated on the 1st of each month and will include a variety of company news and product information.


This is not just a communication channel for internal employees, but also for clinicians, partners, and customers. It also includes all kinds of information, such as brand, event, and general news.

It even contains useful editorials, such as discussions on lifestyle, literature, and other topics not related to Vatech.

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We received many messages from all over the world, congratulating us on the 1st issue of The Vatech Times!

The video below consists of various languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, and more.

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The Vatech Times


If you have an idea or subject to post on The Vatech Times website, please do not hesitate to contact us! 




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