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Unforgettable experience with the doctors from Brazil !





Unforgettable experience with the doctors from Brazil !





From May 6 to 11, total 21 doctors and staffs from Brazil visited Korea and vatech.


During the visit they visited not only korean famous tourist attractions such as Lotte Tower and Gyeongbok Palace, but also VATECH headquarters in Hwa-seong city. Especially at the headquarter they visited 'Ewoo children center', fitness center 'Ewoo gym', VATECH’s manufactory and Rayence, manufacturer of detector.


In short, this openhouse event was an opportunity for the doctors to realize how trustworthy VATECH and VATECH’s products are.


“Every sightseeing schedule was exciting and every time was great for me. On the third day, we also visited VATECH Headquarter and its factory. What is amazing to me was that from the small parts such as harness(cable) to the main parts like generator and detectors, it was a very good opportunity to see through the manufacturing process how the product, we encounter everyday, was made.”

- Prof. Dr. Karina Panelli


“Knowing our equipment is fundamentally very important. Today I knew how firm and serious the company is. Almost components of the equipment are self-manufactured  and assembled. Another impressive thing to me is care towards their employees and the interest in the development of local community.”

 - Dr. Lucas Rodrigues Pinheiro



The manager of VATECH, in charge of this event, said “The time we spent with you was so exciting and happy. We appreciate your choosing of vatech and hope to be your trustworthy partner in the future. Once again, Thank you for visiting us!












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