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One day is enough to know from the cradle to the grave of the product.



One day is enough to know from the cradle to the grave of the product





Looking at frame just before completion during ENG tour


On May 23th Benco Dental visited VATECH Networks.


“Wednesday’s open house was a touching moment to let our honored dealers experience our whole manufacturing process. We went through all the production lines of RY (Manufacturer of Detector), CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) and ENG (Factory for finished product). We saw everything from small things like sensors, cables, small plastic parts, injection molds, boards to a single frame where they were assembled."

said Ina Choi, the person in charge of organizing this event.




A group of people standing in a room

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Looking around a manufacturing line


Benco Dental, one of the valuable partner of VATECH, headquartered in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is the largest privately-owned dental distributor in the United States, offering a full array of supplies, equipment and services to dentists across the nation. 

VATECH and Benco have had long and special relationship so far.


Paul Jackson, Director of Merchandising, who already visited VATECH a few years ago, said,

"We are impressed with VATECH's efforts to minimize human errors and the manufacturing process that is increasingly being transformed into an automation system.”

" I know that there are a few companies, of which the factory was urgently and roughly created. VATECH is superior to other manufacturers when it comes to investment levels and size of the business."




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▲ Looking at full storages with spare parts


Benco executives also told , VATECH's customer service is reliable, looking at lots of full storages with molds and materials from old products in order to provide spare parts for 10 years.



▲Real size of Carbon Nano Tube (CNT)


They also had time to see the real size and weight of the CNT(Carbon Nano Tube) developed by VATECH itself.
In fact, many of the generator failures come from oil leakage. Through this tour, Benco executives agreed that 'CNT is not only as small as a finger, and light, but it can also be a solution to problems such as oil leakage'.




▲Doing Scanning with EzScan


Finally, they had a time to demonstrate the EzScan, a brand new Intra Oral Scanner of VATECH. During the demonstration, Mr. Park, researcher of VATECH R&D Center, scanned his own mouth.

Benco executives were amazed both at the speed with which the data was acquired and the accuracy of the data obtained.
What’s more, they also considered the fact that EzScan is powder free and that the Object does not have to keep certain distance from the scanner as a strong point.

"Do not rush but hurry."one Benco executive said.

And the VATECH representative promised to launch the perfect product and keep the quality of the scanner, even if the release could be a bit delayed.

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