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The Smart Essentials For Your Clinic

EzRay Air Wall

EzRay Air

  • Smart angulation for optimal results
  • Intuitive & convenient operating panel
  • One dial for all function
  • 2.4kg lightweight tube head for stable and safe use
  • Compact design for easy use


Focal Spot 0.4 mm (IEC 60336)
Tube Voltage (kV) 65 kV
Current (mA) 3.0 mA
Exposure Time Range 0.05 ~ 0.5 (0.01s increment)
Source to Skin Distance Min. 200 mm
X-ray Field Default : 60 mm Round, 30x40 mm Rectangular
Optional: 20x30 mm Rectangular
Arm Length [Option] 450, 600, 900 mm
Accessories Remote Exposure Switch (Hand Switch / Doorbell Switch)
Weight 15.9 kg (Arm Length 450 mm)
16.6 kg (Arm Length 600 mm)
17.9 kg (Arm Length 900 mm)
The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Secure clear images with a 0.4mm focal spot

Regardless of which intraoral sensor you use, the EzRay Air minimizes blur and provides additional diagnostic value with a 0.4mm focal spot.

Incisor [0.18 sec]
Molar [0.2 sec]
Exposure Condition : 65kV, 3.0mA

Ergonomic design for safety and efficiency

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