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$8.4 million export of VATECH x-rays



$8.4 million export of VATECH x-rays

Supply contract with an Indian company…Available in domestic market by May, 2009

A large quantity of VATECH X-ray systems are exported to India.


According to VATECH, the company signed a supply contract for its X-ray model,DRC-1000, with an Indian distributor


DRC-1000 is a digital X-ray diagnostic imaging system developed by VATECH in November 2007 and highly regarded as a premium digital radiographic detector with a high megapixel resolution.


The production began last November for export and will be available in the domestic market after the completion of its medical device approval around May.


“This particular contract is the beginning of the expansion of the dental digital imaging application (transferring X-ray image on a monitor) into the medical imaging business.”


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