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Dreams do come true. It is bendable!





VATECH Global is advertising its new product on Dental Tribune International (DTI) preview for IDS 2015.





Feel the experience as we showcase this new product at IDS 2015 (Hall 4.1, Booth Nos. D090, F090).


VATECH continuously develops technology to provide products which are beneficial for both human health and the environment. And we are proud to introduce this innovative product called EzSensor Soft.


With our soft edged sensor, dreams do come true!

  1. 1. Pain Relief
  2. 2. Easy Positioning
  3. 3. Accurate Diagnosis
  4. 4. Damage Reduction


Key features of EzSensor Soft ;

  • ▶Intraoral sensor with Bendable & Soft exterior

  • ▶14.8µm pixels: the smallest in the industry

  • ▶A solution to problems caused by traditional Rigid digital sensors (Positioning, Comfort, Diagnosable Images)
  • ▶For Pain Relief, Easy Positioning, Accurate Diagnosis, and Damage Reduction

  • ▶Easy positioning for mandibular canine imaging
  • ▶Minimized cropped root on the image for easy consultation
  • ▶Minimized image distortion with isometric imaging

  • ▶Easy diagnosis of interproximal caries


For inquiries about our products or exhibition, do not hesitate to contact us.



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