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Discovery of New 3D Era


Real 3D Software, Ez3D-i.

This innovative software enables volume rendering based analysis expanding the usage of 3D software. It is possible as Ez3D-i runs under 3D-based operating system, not 2D-based.

It will result in time-saving spent on analysis and increasing patient’s comprehension of the images. Now enjoy analyzing and communicating with Ez3D-i.



  • High Quality of VR
  • Smart Clipping
  • One Click Section


  • 3-Step Implant Simulation
  • Top-down Implant Simulation
  • Implant Collision Detector


  • Implant Clipping
  • 3D Bone Density
  • EzCodi

New Feature 1. TMJ Diagnosis


New Feature 2. Airway Diagnosis


New Feature 3. 3D Pan


One-Click Region of Interest Navigation

  • Takes 1 sec. for cross-sectional images
  • No need for complicated training courses


  • One-Click Sectioning without Axes moving
  • Simple and intuitive positioning & Checking bone density

A Powerful function for Airway Volume Analysis

  • 2-click airway region selection
  • Segmented airway volume and color coded thickness measurements
  • Automatically calculated total volume and minimum area measurements

Simulated Analysis for both TMJ

  • Instant auto cross-sectional images
  • Separate condyle or fossa
  • Rotation for an accurate diagnosis
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