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Vatech is a global X-ray imaging company.

We have grown steadily based on our unrivaled technology and global network.

Sales by country and
continent overseas corporations and agencies

(Based on 2019 Business Report)


  • No. 1 market share for Dental X-ray in Korea
  • No. 1 in sales of 3D Dental Diagnostic Equipment worldwide
  • No. 1 market share for Intra Oral Sensor worldwide
  • No. 1 market share 3D X-ray in the US
  • No. 1 market share for Dental X-ray Diagnostic Software worldwide
  • No. 1 market share for Dental X-ray in Southeast Asia
  • No. 1 market share for 2D X-ray in China

Corporate and Agency Status


Overseas Corporations


Overseas offices


Overseas Agencies


We contribute to creating a better world
with new technologies and products.

We develop new technologies that
advance X-ray technology.


Vatech is a company with original technology for development, production, and manufacturing in the X-ray field.
We are developing the world's first technologies based on our rich R&D infrastructure.


R&D Personnel


R&D Investment

Rank 1

The number of patent
for Dental Imaging Equipment worldwide


2015 International Patent Awards
2018 enterprise with outstanding performance in Job Invention Compensation

Technological Competitiveness


Small CT development technology Low-dose X-ray imaging technology X-ray core component development technology

Detector Design and Production Technology

Core technology in Scintillator deposition and original technology for manufacturing TFT, CMOS detector

Medical Imaging Technology

High-resolution imaging process algorithm, dedicated SW technology for 2D, 3D diagnosis

Integrated Manufacturing Process

High-quality integrated manufacturing, optimized for precision medical devices

Professional R&D infrastructure

Vatech R&D Networks
Optic Solution


CAE Solution

Kyung-hee Univ

X-ray Physics

Yonsei Univ. (VYSION)

Applied Physics

UNC Chapel hill

Sensor Design
& Imaging

Yonsei Univ. (CARI)

X-ray Detector
& Robotics

Busan Univ. (CAMER)

Clinical Research

Our Heritage

By internalizing all our technologies including key components of x-ray, H/W, and S/W, we have annually released never-before-seen products into the global market.
Vatech products are always dedicated to the “people”

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