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Ewoo Children Daycare Center, VATECH's Wish and Pride


June 21 was very special day for VATECH because many people in VATECH’s wish become real.


Even Ewoo Children Daycare Center was open last March, VATECH held opening ceremony on late June because of the heart that aims perfectness.

Same as VATECH Networks, Ewoo Children Daycare Center does not think the job is “Over”. The staff members of the Center keep tracking on their systems and trying to reach perfectness.


“What kind of service and facilities should we provide to children and parents?” is main question that staff members of Ewoo Children Daycare Center ask to themselves most.


At the opening ceremony, guests heard a story from planning to manage the Center.




The opening ceremony starts on 10 AM in the morning. Even it was during the weekdays, lots of people include CEO members of VATECH Networks and expert of education field visit the ceremony and celebrated the opening of Ewoo Children Daycare Center.



The wish was building Daycare Center for VATECH Network and provide good environment for both parents and children.


2 years ago, when the Daycare Center started to plan, it was such a big issue for not only VATECH Network, but also outside Medias because VATECH’s Daycare Center had very innovated and human centered plan since it has been planned to build.


The name of the Center shows VATECH’s value very well. The name is “Ewoo Children Daycare Center”. Ewoo means buddy in Korean. Now guess what is harmony and philosophy of VATECH Network who built the Daycare Center and look around the “Ewoo Children Daycare Center!”




This cute yellow bus is shuttle bus for Children. And colorful space is the entrance of the Center.

Is it seems small? Actually “Ewoo Children Daycare Center” is biggest Daycare Center in Korea!




This is main gate of Daycare Center. At here, children are meet their buddies in the morning, and own parents in the afternoon. It might seem normal, but this place has unique system.




This is daily food for Daycare children!

Parents can see what their children will eat for their AM Snack, Lunch, and PM Snack. Every food that Daycare Center provides to children organizes by professional nutritionist.




After the gate, big square and stair to the 2nd floor are greeting us! Right side of the square is Childcare room for 1st year babies, Nurse Office and Teacher’s offices are placed.





This is Childcare room for 1st year babies, and Nurse Office. These two pictures showing that one of the highest prides of the Center is provide suitable environment to children.




On the way to second floor, little library is placed.

Ewoo Children Daycare Center has a special space between 1st floor and 2nd floor.




This is “Buoyantly Playground”, one of the children’s favorite places to jump around. Even adults can jump in there, so we don’t have to worry about the safety!




As you might guess, 2nd floor is space for older children.




Since children are like to play hide-and-seek, Ewoo Children Daycare Center provides lots of small spaces like tunnel.




This is outside playground that children can play. Sandy ground and small bicycles is always open for children. This playground is surrounded by Ewoo Children Daycare Center building, so it is very safe and teachers can always watch children’s playing.




One of the best things about Ewoo Children Daycare Center is location. Since it is very close from parents’ workplace, parents can visit their children and meet them.


At Ewoo Children Daycare Center, both children and parents are satisfying at comfortable and suitable environment.



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