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The 6th VATECH Global Summit at Dongtan Sila Stay




(Group photo of summit)


Subsidiary presidents from 12 different countries gathered for this meeting on the 13th to 16th of July, 2016.

It was very successful and meaningful event because VATECH Global and subsidiaries all over the world could share their unique footsteps from the past, and discussed about their future.



(VATECH India’s presentation)



(VATECH Malaysia’s presentation)


6th VATECH Global Summit started with tour of VATECH Network and finish with discussion.


Especially at this event, trial performance about new product and meeting to provide best service in marketing were happened.



(Trial performance of new product)


6th VATECH Global Summit was most organized and successful summit that VATECH held.


I cannot imagine how meaningful and powerful 7th VATECH Global Summit will be!



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