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VATECH Sold Fifty-Thousand Intra Oral Sensor


This year, Rayence, one of subsidiary company of VATECH Network, got lots of happy news like selected “World Class 300”.

And this month, Rayence got another one!


Before we find details, let me introduce what “Intra Oral Sensor” is.


Intra Oral Sensor (IOS)


When doctors have to figure out details about damage of tooth, they use Intra Oral Sensor (IOS for rest).

It goes into people’s moth directly. Because Intra IOS helps doctors to diagnose more clearly, it is very important sensor.

Also patients don’t have to move when doctors use this sensor, so it is very efficient sensor to use.




Number 1 at IOS Market Since 2011             


In 2006, Rayence released their first IOS.

Only 4 years after that, Rayence sold ten-thousand IOS total. Last year, they sold ten-thousand IOS just for a year.


Finally in this year 2016 Jun, Rayence achieved five-thousand sold record.


This is world’s first record in IOS market. This is 5th year that Rayence become number 1 at IOS market.

This record is very valuable because Rayence is one and only IOS producing company in Korea.


The word “one and only” might sounds nothing.

However, it represents how hard Rayence worked and become top of the world with nothing.


Technology for Humanity: Idea for Patients


One of the high priorities that VATECH Network keeps is “for Better Humanity”.


The heart that cares about patients produced real innovation calls “EzSensor Soft”.

This is first bendable IOS sensor in the world.

Not only bendable IOS, but also clear and high quality image made Rayence and EzSensor Soft more unique.




Last year, EzSensor Soft selected as “World’s First-Class Product for Next Generation” because it reduced patients’ pain dramatically.


With this honor, Rayence will distinguish oneself at not only dental market, but also animal x-ray and industrial area.

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