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VATECH had New Year Opening Ceremony!





On the First Work Day of the New Year, VATECH had a kick-off meeting.






Before starting the annual event, Mr. Ro the chairman celebrated and prized VATECH member for their effort last year.

The prizes were divided four parts as of R&D (Research and Development), Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Technology and Administration.


In this year, VATECH set the goal to be No.1 in Technology in the market.

For this, Mr.Ro shared the visions as below.

First of all, it is about the bringing up of business model in materials, parts, software and so on.

Second thing is making bold investment on human resources.


To start the first day happier, guess what our executives prepared.

The hints are donation and Coins!


We call it a smile savings box and will donate it to less fortunate people in October.

If you have any question about our company or event,

Please don't hesitate to contact us :D



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