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Wine Party at Park Secret!





VATECH Global had a wine party at renewed space named Park Secret on September 30.


wine party


At the beginning, it was supposed to be a private event but it’s expanded as a company party.

While business trip, sales people were gathering each countries’ wines for this event.


As a result, more than 40 wines were displayed at the party and each CEO of company was invited. Also chairman Mr. Ro graced the occasion with his presence


Committee is composed of VATECH Global employees and planned all programs such as introduction and origin of exotic wines.

Some wines are from not only well-known countries such as Chile, France but also from pretty new countries for wine such as the Azerbaijani Republic, Lebanon and so on.


Those wines are even not imported to Korea so that committee hosts a wine tasting event as well.


wine party2

Cheese, beef and mushroom brochette were provided with wines.

Participants were sharing their stories during business trip and also enjoyed the party itself.


This event is purposed of sharing our lives and information of each market which sales people are in charge of.

If you have any question about our event, please contact us by e-mail.






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