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Dentech China 2011



                              Dentech China 2011

                                                                                         26th~29th October
                                                                                        Shanghai National Exhibition Hall

                      The whole view of Our booth, VATECH China
                                < The whole view of Our booth, VATECH China>

           Dentech China 2011 is the reading exhibition, is the largest of exhibition at Shanghai.
         In addition to Denthch is representative Dental show with Beijing, Guangzhou dental show.


        VATECH CHINA was engaged to this exhibition as scale , six booth.
       There were many people who want to work with VATECH, have interest in VATECH’s products.

       We could certain our superior position in China Dental market by communicating them.


       We tried to show our stable product line by displaying kind of six equipment-
       EzSensor, ESX, PaX-500, PaX-400,PaX-Primo, Implagraphy to aim at the skyrocketing needs.


    Communicating with potential dealers,customers    The booth was crowded with  people 
        <Communicating with potential dealers,customers>   <The booth was crowded with  people>  

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