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VATECH and E-Woo from Korea with Excellent customer service. (Interview)


VATECH and E-Woo from Korea with Excellent customer service. (Interview)

It is totally different from typical local distributors which usually say “Good bye” to their customer after the purchasing.  VATECH & E-Woo, Korean Dental Device manufacturer, not only set up the branch company here in Taiwan, but Provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service. Furthermore, based on the Taiwan’s advanced background of IT industry, the company plans to invest on a new factory and global marketing. 
One Saturday afternoon, there was a group of dentists and assistants on 13th floor of the building on Ruei-Guang Lu, Taipei. They were attentively looking at the lecturer on the stage, learning how to apply the concept of computed tomography in the field of dental treatment.

  One weekday evening, there was another group of dentists. They were registering the course of “ The clinical study of Dental CT”, looking for the up-to-date Implant Clinical Research which can help them to understand the latest trend of global dentistry and to share the experience on the field. 

  “These are something impossible for typical local distributors to do. The main reason why VATECH & E-Woo sets up a wholly-owned subsidiary company in Taiwan is to provide the excellent customer service.” , said Kevin Cho, CEO of VATECH, Taiwan. 
After sales service

  In fact, five years ago, distributors in Taiwan had already introduced VATECH and EWOO’s low-end products to the local market. However, due to the development of new dental CT, three-in-one models, which are the high-end products with cutting-edge technology, there was a strong need for a lot of education, training, and marketing promotion. Therefore, the company decided to enter the market with its wholly-owned branch company.

  In Taiwan, there are 200,000 demands for implant, and 1% of them, about 2,000 cases, suffer from surgeries. This is the reason why strong education and training are necessary.  The CEO, Kevin Cho, who can speak very fluent Mandarin, believes, “With excellent after-sales service, customers will be touched. And then, all the requirements and demands will be satisfied easily.” Its customer service can be divided into two categories; one is to teach how to use the products including the use of machine operation and software program, and another is to provide customer repair services.  

  Vice CEO, Jack Lin, further added that machines and equipments in dental clinics are mainly operated by assistants, and dentists only view X-ray images through the software programs. If a user doesn’t know the correct way to use the devices or doesn’t have the right concept of 3D images, it will decrease the quality of the product, and it even lead to a wrong diagnosis.  As a result, in this area continuing education and training are very important. For the outstanding customer service, not only more than half of the employees in the company are engineers, but also the company pays special attention to how the customers feel.

  “I always tell my customers that there is no such thing as a perfect product, but there is for sure a perfect customer service.“ , said Jack Lin.   As long as the machines malfunction, even if it only has a small problem, there is no way for a dental clinic to open, and it will definitely lead to loss of customers. Therefore, the engineers in VATECH try to provide customers with fast and sincere after-sales service. Moreover,the company gets its employees understand the situation of customer, appeases their feeling, and reduces their dissatisfaction and distrust.

Seminar is a good tool for making customers and opening new markets

There are about 2,000 digitalized dental clinics out of 7,000 in Taiwan. However, based on his previous experience Kevin Cho estimates that remaining 5,000 clinics will be digitalized within next four years. “Digital dental treatment is an inevitable international trend, and the change toward digital dental clinics will be getting faster”, said Kevin Cho.  There are several reason why he believe that dental clinics in Taiwan will further digitalized; first, Taiwan is strong at IT industry, so people are familiar with “Digital”. Second, people’s acceptance to young dentists is high. Third, demand for digital clinics is getting bigger. “Our future strategy is very simple. We just hope to make sure there is no problem with this new market.”    After its penetration of Taiwan market, VATECH regularly arrange the meetings for dentists to share their experience of clinical diagnosis. At the same time, the company holds a series of lectures with Dental Association and Implant association, and actively participates the study of dentists, taking a step-by-step to open up the market.

  Kevin Cho says “Taiwan’s law and regulation require every dentist to take classes over a certain period of time, so that their certificates are valid. This is a very good way for life-long learning.”  Due to these laws and regulations, the motivation for dentists in Taiwan to study is very strong. This strong motivation leads them to often have seminars, and to share their ideas and thoughts. Additionally, the power of words of mouth makes the company ahead of its competitors. Currently VATECH and EWOO have more than 40% of market share in Digital X-ray market, and up to 65% of Dental CT market.  

Rapid response to market demand, its Competitive advantages are irreplaceable.

Through the interaction with dentists, the company will expand the digital X-ray and dental CT market. at the same time, the company can access to the first-hand market information, and so respond to the market demand as soon as possible. Kevin Cho stresses that “Our direction of development and technology is not that different from our competitors. The biggest competitive strength is the speed of our response to customers.”

  After the first introduction of its three-in-one models (Ceph, Pano, CT), the company has grown up so fast. With this technology, the company took the lead in the market. “Actually when the company introduced the first product of three-in-one model, even some of employees in the company doubt that it can be profitable in the market. However, the company eventually decided to follow the market direction.” Through offering the seminars, lectures, education, and training, and also providing the chances for dentists to share their experience and ideas, VATECH &EWOO has established the competitive edges.

Even though currently the company only focuses on providing excellent customer service to its customers, in the near future it plans to invest on the factory, so that the competitive advantages that VATECH enjoys in Taiwan can be developed into the global market forces. 

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