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Interview with Mr. Ro, CEO of Vatech. He is confident that the company has the best of digital imagi


Interview with Mr. Ro, CEO of Vatech. He is confident that the company has the best of digital imaging.

Confidence in the global market with its famous Imaging technologies and design


Vatech got a lot of attention from the visitors and buyers during 5 days of the exhibition in Germany, IDS 2009. Especially, due to the global economy recession, most of competitors minimized the cost for IDS 2009, but Vatech succeeded to take the attention with its aggressive marketing campaign in the exhibition. 


Mr. Ro, CEO of Vatech said, “I use IDS to improve the image of the company and the country. During IDS, we accomplished our goals we set up.” He also expresses his gratitude to his employees from all over the world.


He also mentioned that “Vatech has focused on the Germany and Japan market, and definitely became the market leader in German 3D dental CT market. I believe that the company gains the foothold through IDS 2009 in order to get the market share in the US market.


Vatech introduced a variety of dental imaging products more than any other competitors. Furthermore, with the demonstration of its 3D viewer program (EZ3D 2009, the company eventually turned into the world best digital imaging company. 
Especially new generation digital panorama, PaX-Primo received the most interest from the buyers. Excellent imaging technology based on the demands from the customers, and its compact design makes it attractive to the buyers


As a finished goods manufacturer, Vatech is the only company in the world which holds the ability to develop and produce its own sensors, and therefore, it can reduce the total cost of production and can actualize the customer’s voice. This works as its competitive advantages.

The CEO said, “The company’s reputation and history really matter in this industry, since dentists count on the reliability of a company, I believe that this IDS 2009 gave us the opportunity to improve the company image and to get confidence that we are able to compete with other major players in the industry.”


“Vatech will the leading company in the domestic medical device industry. Moreover, Vatech will be the leading company in the global market with continuous development of new technology and customer satisfaction.”

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