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VATECH acquired VATECH America




-    The acquisition will accelerate targeting U.S, the world’s largest dental imaging market

-    Merging R&D and distribution chains will produce a new synergy in the global market



On Feb 3, 2017, VATCH announced (, CEO Chang June Roh and Samuel Ahn) that the company completed the acquisition of VATECH America Inc., a provider of VATECH’s X-ray Systems in the United States. the new acquisition is anticipated to strengthen the linkage between R&D and sales and expand the company’s market share in North America. In line with this tactical move, the company merged VATECH Global and acquired VATECH UK in 2016, affiliate companies responsible for the international sales of VATECH’s X-ray products.



VATECH acquired 51.13% of the shares of VATECH America from VATECH EWOO holdings, a holding company of VATECH family. Located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, VATECH America has supplied VATECH’s dental X-ray systems into North America regions since 2006. VATECH America’s annual earnings recorded 46.7 million USD in 2016. The company reported the annual growth rate of 14.4% over the past three years. The double-digit growth rate is mainly attributed to the increased sales of 3D products in U.S. As of 2016, the sales of 3D products made up 70% of the total sales revenue, which grew by 90% from 2014.



Meanwhile, VATECH is ready to unveil a line of new products in 2017. Over years, VATECH has successfully positioned as a ‘premium brand’ in U.S market. The launch of new products with a lower dose and more rapid scanning time will bring the company the greater returns

in this year.



Samuel Ahn, CEO of VATECH said “ VATECH is now recognized as a premium X-ray manufacturer in North America regions after years of providing quality products and technological supports in the market. The company’s acquisition of VATECH America will not only strengthen our position in U.S market but also accelerate our move in the global market.” He added, “Based on our advanced technology and strong sales networks, we will focus on achieving No.1 in the global dental imaging market.”

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