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Find out her keys to success!





Thomas Watson, the IBM founder, once said something like:  If you look at a company, you will know what kind of people work there. If you look at the workers, you will know what kind of company they’re working for.





So for this article, we conducted an interview with an employee who is getting a lot of compliments for her style of work. Her name is Luna Ahn and she is an assistant manager for the Asia-Japan team, Sales Department of Vatech Global.


Let’s find out her keys to success:


1) Stay strong

Two words that characterize her are “persistence” and “effort”. For 10 years, from the age of 11, she was a taekwondo player and has won many gold medals at national competitions. So, from then on, she has honed her competitive character, which now helps her at work.


2) Ask if you don’t know something

In June 2012, when Luna was already working for two years in VATECH, an incident happened. Her team leader left the company and suddenly she was entrusted to be the team leader of China sales team. She panicked. She didn’t know what to do and how to lead a team of mostly newcomers, who worked in the team for only 6 months. Since she didn’t have any experience yet in leading a team, she started to ask questions to other seniors in the other teams. She asked 50 to 100 questions per day and wasn’t ashamed of it. Luna didn’t have any other way. In return for their help, she would treat her colleagues with lunches and dinners, and express her gratitude to them. This situation shows how important it is to find ways for cooperation.


3) Continuous efforts

During IDS 2011 in Germany, everyone in the sales and marketing teams were booked to participate in the exhibition, except for Luna. Her English skill then was far from being perfect, so she was left behind. But luckily one employee couldn't go, so she got the chance to participate in the exhibition. At the exhibit, Luna was assigned to handle Pax-Flex3D and from that day on she started to learn English diligently. She put a lot of efforts in practice and learning new terminologies. Luna believes that if you work with pleasure, you will always find the energy and ways to resolve problems. Until now, she still fills her excel file with new English words.


4) Learn from mistakes

Throughout her career, she has made a lot of mistakes, of course. But there is one rule that she always keeps in mind: Report an error immediately to your superior. You should be responsible for it though. So now, she always checks every tiny detail, even the spelling of addressee, because to do your work well, you need to start from the basics.


5) Constant measurement of growth

Besides the company’s business target, she always sets her own goal. “Pretty Luna” as dealers call her, always finds new markets and ways to sell more of our products. Step by step, checking her goals every day, she goes to her target and she is growing every day.


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